Round Robin Distribution

Round Robin Distribution: Better alternative to Omni channel

Round Robin Distributor (RRD) app overcomes the limitations of Salesforce Omni-Channel and optimizes and simplifies complex routing logics for your Sales & Service Teams. RRD tool is a robust, highly customizable, and open-platform solution for your distribution automation solutions and integrates with your marketing and sales automation apps like Marketo, Hubspot, and even with existing…
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Salesforce Lead Distribution

Salesforce Lead Distribution – Efficient assignment through Round Robin Distributor

Lead distribution – Lead distribution is a set of process through which all incoming leads are assigned to a skilled and qualified sales representative. The business requirement in doing so is to reach out to the prospects in limited time and putting their best representative to work. Based on a recent Harvard study, it has…
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Salesforce Round Robin

Salesforce Round Robin Lead Assignment *Best Practice* with RRD

Assuming you are a Salesforce Admin/ Sales Manager at your company, you want a solution to route the inbound leads to the right and the most suitable sales representatives. You are the one who has to decide who gets the next incoming lead, and hence, you need a full proof solution to your constant problem…
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manage tickets in salesforce

Managing High-Priority Support Tickets like an Ace in Salesforce

That ticket requires immediate attention! If you are looking to optimize handling of urgent cases (tickets) using Salesforce as a helpdesk ticketing system, then you have landed at the perfect place. As your client base grows, you would require a customizable solution to the available functionalities that a platform can offer. With the growing awareness,…
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lead assignment rules in salesforce

Salesforce Lead and Case Assignment Rules Lightning

What are assignment rules in Salesforce? Salesforce Lead Assignment Rules and Salesforce Case Assignment Rules are used to automate lead capture and service support processes by assigning incoming leads and cases to the right owner (User or Queues). Based on the defined formula condition and the criteria set the assignment is done to the users…
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What is Round Robin?

Round Robin Algorithm Curious to know what Round Robin is. Hurray! You have just landed on just the right page to know the whole caboodle about it. In general terms, Round Robin refers to ‘a series or a sequence’. Consider the example of a card dealer here and assume that there are 4 people sitting…
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salesforce case response time

Solving Case Response Time Issues with SalesForce

Covid-19 Pandemic has posed a significant challenge to Business Process Outsourcing Sector, and it’s now when companies realize how crucial Case Response Time can be. As the companies are down-sizing, the load of Inbound Data is increasing multifold, posing a challenge to the sector. But what is Case Response Time? Case Response Time or Service…
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Lead Distribution in Salesforce

Effective Web Leads Tracking for Inbound Sales Team to Optimize Sales Funnel

Why is every company trying to optimize its Lead/ Sales Tracking? Lead management is defined as a set of procedures/ methods of managing the incoming leads efficiently. It involves categorizing the lead from the moment it enters the system, to tracking the behavior and affirming by conversion of lead into an opportunity. It is crucial…
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